10 weirdest things in Iran

Olena Petrosyuk

Olena Petrosyuk

In our one-month trip around Iran the country managed to surprise us in many ways. The beauty of its cities, the richness of its traditions, the warmth of people. And - in additional to that - a bunch of things we considered weird. Like really weird.

Iran travel: 10 weirdest things about Iran


  1. Shampoo with garlic flavour.  Other available options: carrot, olives, egg. Because who wouldn’t want to smell like garlic in the mornings?

Iran travel: 10 weirdest things about Iran

  1. Carpet themes. Mickey mouses, chipmunks, random people. Talk about taste and centuries of old carpet-weaving traditions.

Iran travel: 10 weirdest things about Iran

  1. Weirdest ever obsession with Western shaped noses. Applicable for both men and women. Regardless of their age.

Iran travel: 10 weirdest things about Iran

  1. Non-alcohol beer. No, sorry – strange non-alcohol beer. Forget boring wheat taste and think pineapples, strawberry, grapes and a bunch of flavours you were not even aware of.

Iran travel: 10 weirdest things about Iran

  1. No furniture in the house. Eating, sleeping, writing, working – everything on the floor. Cheap and strict.

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  1. Alcohol in petrol canes. Solves two problems simultaneously: alcohol ban problem and the issue of constant recharging.

Iran travel: 10 weirdest things about Iran

  1. Shaffron everywhere. Sugar, stew, soaps. Shampoos, soups. Literally – everywhere.

Iran tour: 10 weirdest things about Iran

  1. Weird food. Don’t take us wrong – many foods are amazing. But some are quite weird. Most common street food in Iran – baked potatoes, steamed beetroot and roasted beans. Seriously, how do people survive with such healthy street snacks?


  1. Fast food Iranian style. No chairs, no tables. Strange – but also surprisingly much more relaxed.

Iran travel: 10 weirdest things about Iran

  1. Imam Hosein. Seriously too much attention for one guy, even a notable religious leader. I get the posters all around the country, and the face on all the notes. But kitchens and bathrooms – can definitely be labeled as taking it overboard.

Iran travel: 10 weirdest things about Iran

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  • Donya Hp

    U liar:)))) im iranian and i dont use garlic shampoo (it’s smell is not annoying) and i sleep on my bed and we have chairs.we eat fast foods in normal restaurants. We don’t care too much to imam hussein. What the f*** u think about your liar brain? Stop being such an asshole

    • Kiana

      I mean c’mon im iranian and I know such a things exist in our country and dont compare yourself and the conditions u had been into to the others ! I agree that these weird things exist in my country 🙂