10 weirdest things in Iran

Olena Petrosyuk

Olena Petrosyuk

In our one-month trip around Iran the country managed to surprise us in many ways. The beauty of its cities, the richness of its traditions, the warmth of people. And - in additional to that - a bunch of things we considered weird. Like really weird.

Iran travel: 10 weirdest things about Iran


  1. Shampoo with garlic flavour.  Other available options: carrot, olives, egg. Because who wouldn’t want to smell like garlic in the mornings?

Iran travel: 10 weirdest things about Iran

  1. Carpet themes. Mickey mouses, chipmunks, random people. Talk about taste and centuries of old carpet-weaving traditions.

Iran travel: 10 weirdest things about Iran

  1. Weirdest ever obsession with Western shaped noses. Applicable for both men and women. Regardless of their age.

Iran travel: 10 weirdest things about Iran

  1. Non-alcohol beer. No, sorry – strange non-alcohol beer. Forget boring wheat taste and think pineapples, strawberry, grapes and a bunch of flavours you were not even aware of.

Iran travel: 10 weirdest things about Iran

  1. No furniture in the house. Eating, sleeping, writing, working – everything on the floor. Cheap and strict.

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  1. Alcohol in petrol canes. Solves two problems simultaneously: alcohol ban problem and the issue of constant recharging.

Iran travel: 10 weirdest things about Iran

  1. Shaffron everywhere. Sugar, stew, soaps. Shampoos, soups. Literally – everywhere.

Iran tour: 10 weirdest things about Iran

  1. Weird food. Don’t take us wrong – many foods are amazing. But some are quite weird. Most common street food in Iran – baked potatoes, steamed beetroot and roasted beans. Seriously, how do people survive with such healthy street snacks?


  1. Fast food Iranian style. No chairs, no tables. Strange – but also surprisingly much more relaxed.

Iran travel: 10 weirdest things about Iran

  1. Imam Hosein. Seriously too much attention for one guy, even a notable religious leader. I get the posters all around the country, and the face on all the notes. But kitchens and bathrooms – can definitely be labeled as taking it overboard.

Iran travel: 10 weirdest things about Iran

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  • Donya Hp

    U liar:)))) im iranian and i dont use garlic shampoo (it’s smell is not annoying) and i sleep on my bed and we have chairs.we eat fast foods in normal restaurants. We don’t care too much to imam hussein. What the f*** u think about your liar brain? Stop being such an asshole

    • Kiana

      I mean c’mon im iranian and I know such a things exist in our country and dont compare yourself and the conditions u had been into to the others ! I agree that these weird things exist in my country 🙂

  • fpomc osteopathic

    34 years not back but taste of Shalgham and Beet and Chaghaleh on the streets and Sirabi vs Shirdoon is still in my mouth. Some people use medicinal stinky shampoo that’s their problem . Like some cowboys 20/7 are chewing Tobacco and spitting it, not every American does that! Also some people can’t afford furniture either Iran or USA so they sit on grounds for example in college. Imams are like Tax In US can’t get rid of them. Article is very one sided. I know some areas in US people walk bare foot in farms, it doesn’t mean all Americans are bare foot! What a judge mental article. Say some of the nice things too.