Top-9 Turkish foods you MUST try

Igor Shaversky

Igor Shaversky

One the main attractions in Turkey - country's cuisine. Every corner here hosts an abundance of small shops, cafes, stalls and restaurants selling a mouthwatering variety of foods from grilled kebabs to freshly baked bread and sweets. So if you are looking for an authentic Turkish experience - make sure to fully explore country's culinary scene.

Turkish food, Top-9 Turkish foods you MUST try


  1. Turkish breads. Hamur işi (translated as “dough work”) is an important element of Turkish cuisine. The variations are many – among the most popular choices are Gözleme (made of lavash with fillings such as spinach, cheese or minced meat)  and Lahmacun (pita like bread covered in a tomato, pepper, and lamb sauce).

Turkish food - gozleme

  1. Kebabs. The variety of kebabs is countless. The most common – traditional döner, aubergine kebab or iskender kebab (layers of tender shaved meat served over pita with tomato sauce with a side of yogurt). For a more exotic experience – try testi kebab. Meat and vegetables are sealed in a clay pot that is then cooked over fire. Once ready, the pot  is broken over your plate.

Turkish food

  1. Simit. Even for locals it is difficult to resist the divine aroma of this freshly baked sesame-crusted dough. Easily found around in push-cart trollies it is a common choice for breakfast.

Turkish food- bakings

  1. Turkish köfte. Meatballs that come in abundance of variations, flavours, size and shapes, with or without vegetables, with bread or standalone. Vegetarians should opt for a divine mercimek köftesi made from lentils and tomato paste.

Turkish food - kofte

  1. Kumpir. Gigantic baked potato that comes with a variety of fillings.

Turkish food - kumpir

  1. Roasted chestnuts – a favourite in local food stalls. They are sold hot by the bagful on almost every street corner – and make a perfect afternoon snack.

Turkish food -street vendors

  1. Fish. Being next to Bosphorus means that trying local fish and seafood is a must.

Turkish food - fish

  1. Turkish cotton candy. Yes  – baklava is the most popular of all Turkish sweets: tender dough filled with chopped walnuts or pistachios and covered in honey syrup is a must-try in Turkey. But if you are looking for some more interesting choices – try the hand-pulled pismaniye, a variation of cotton candy made by blending flour roasted in butter into pulled sugar. Fluffy and light, it is a heavenly desert.

Turkish food -

  1. No meal is complete without Turkish coffee. Strong, dark and flavourful it reminds of espresso but with extra coffee grounds. If you are not a coffee person – opt for a traditional sweet Turkish tea.

Turkish foods: coffee


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