Top-10 experiences in Georgia

Olena Petrosyuk

Olena Petrosyuk

If you like to travel to offbeat destinations – look no further. Georgia is a perfect vacation spot for any kind of traveller. Gorgeous mountains, marvelous architecture, charming old monasteries and extremely hospitable people. Top it with delicious food and incredible wine – and you’ll get one of the most unforgettable journeys in your life. For all those still hesitating - we've complied a list of our top favourite reasons to include Georgia on your travel bucket list.



  1. Indulging in Georgian food – country’s best kept secret. One of the main dishes to try – Khinkali, traditional Georgian dumpling with a variety of different fillings, mostly spiced meat, herbs and onions. Larger than Chinese dumplings or Russian pelmeni, they are best eaten with a coarse of black pepper and glass of red wine.

Georgia tours: top reasons to visit nowAmong other must-try dishes: Khachapuri (kind of a pie filled with cheese) and Shkhmeruli (chicken with wine and garlic). Distinctive feature of Georgian cuisine – abundance of various sauces made from fruits and nuts.Georgia tours: food, one of top reasons to visit now

  1. Wandering around old Tbilisi… You can get lost for hours in the narrow streets of Georgia’s capital – and arguably there is a more rewarding experience that passing through another old chippy door finding yourself in a stunning abandoned courtyard. Climb the fortress to see the city at a dawn – after the sunset the lightning of houses, river and bridges turns Georgia’s capital into a fairy-tale like city.

Georgia tours: Tbilisi, one of the top reasons to visit now

  1. …And discovering city’s new face. Surprisingly, Tbilisi is one of the very rare examples where history harmonically coexists with modernity. Old buildings stay next to neoclassical facades, narrow bricks contrast with glass and steel. Recently built Bridge of Peace – the latest contemporary attempt to connect Old Tbilisi with the new district.

Georgia tours: Tbilisi, one of the top reasons to visit now

  1. Exploring country’s history. Georgia is home to numerous ancient monasteries, churches and fortresses. Best of all – they are all set in a striking background of emerald rivers and dramatic mountains.

Georgia tours: Ananuri

  1. Shopping at local markets. Across the whole country – improvised street bazaars selling handmade jewelry, accessories, paintings and textiles. Here you have a great chance to steal a good bargain – and get yourself a distinct memory from the country. And if you are not after the crafts – stroll around the local market to shop for vegetables, fruits, bread – the quality and price will leave you utterly satisfied for a few days.

Georgia tours: markets, one of the top reasons to visit now

  1. Sipping divine wine. Regardless of whether you are wine lover or not – tasting wine in Georgia is a must – so make sure to go on a tour around one of country’s numerous cellars.

Georgia tours: wine,  one of the top reasons to visit now

  1. Exploring Caucasus mountains. The scenery here will leave anyone speechless. Green valleys, moody Kazbek and timeless feeling of peace and harmony.

Georgia tours: Georgian military highway,  one of the top reasons to visit now

  1. Relaxing in Sighnaghi, a city of love and vineyards. With winding, cobbled streets, old fortification walls and towers it creates a distinct Mediterranean feel – and an incredibly romantic atmosphere along it.

Georgia tours: Signagi,  one of the top reasons to visit now

  1. Enjoying Georgian folk dances. For a short glimpse – just book an evening in one of the local restaurants, and you will be entertained for the whole evening.

Georgia tours: dances,  one of the top reasons to visit now

  1. Climbing up to the Trinity Church. The walk will take a few hours – but the breathtaking view at the top will be worth it.

Georgia tours: Trinity Church


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    Nice article! I would say, it’s top-experiences-eastern-Georgia 🙂
    There is also Imereti with its great nature and churches, and Samegrelo with awesome cuisine, and Borjomi, Vardzia, Rabati. And Svaneti. And Ajara. But Ajara is relatively known because of Batumi, of course.

    Anyways, this beautiful post is about Eastern Georgia only 🙂