Top-10 must experiences in Kerala

Olena Petrosyuk

Olena Petrosyuk

Kerala is amazing. A paradise hidden in the south of India. It has only one HUGE problem. There are too many places too see, and too many things to do. Don't worry - we will help you to stay focused. From the best beaches to crazy driving and weird cultural traditions - we select top-10 unmissable experiences in Kerala.

10. See famous Chinese fishing nets

Yeah, I know – why would you possibly want to see fishing nets? Well, for one – they are enormous. The biggest nets you would ever see. Operated by at least four people. Trust us – it is worth checking out.

Kerala experiences

9. Walk around tea plantations

You can actually see how the tea grows. Even better – you can take awesome pictures of locals gathering tea. All this while staying in a beautiful mansion on the plantation hills.

Kerala experiences

8. Have masala dosa for breakfast

Don’t be surprised when you don’t find eggs on the breakfast menu. Usual dishes are not really a thing here. For a truly authentic experience – go for a local favourite, masala dosa. A typical South Indian dish, which in essence is a crepe made from rice batter. Traditionally served with a potato curry, coconut chutney and a spicy vegetable and lentil broth. A must-try.

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7. Relax on a houseboat in backwaters

Locals call it Asian Venice. Complicated natural labyrinth of canals within a green forest jungle. There is not much to do here. There is no need to do much actually. Just lie on the boat, and watch the life in the local villages slowly pass by. An ultimately relaxing experience.

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6. Try Ayurveda

Ayurveda in Kerala is kind of like gambling in Las Vegas. Meaning you just have to try it. Spoil yourself with a divine massage, or one of many other rejuvenating treatments.

Kerala experiences

5. Embrace mysterious cultural traditions

And when we say mysterious we mostly mean strange. For example there is a ritual called thThere is this guy to pretends to be a god. People around him pretend to believe and give him money.

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4. Get dressed up

Have some fun dressing up local style. For girls – that means wearing a sari. Guys get a chance to try on lungi (or sarong) – traditional garment worn around the waist. It is actually claimed to be much more pleasant than trousers.Kerala experiences

3. Live in a tree house

Everyone’s childhood dream, right? And it’s awesome. You wake up to howling monkeys in the morning. Birds for company and amazing views of the forest outside.

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2. Jump on waves in Kovalam or Varkala

White sand and turquoise water. Countless coconut palms. Endless miles of deserted beaches. Generally it is not advisable to swim here – tides are quite strong. But do you really want to skip on those giant waves and awesome whirlpools?

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1. Explore rural villages on a bike

Rent a scooter for a day to properly see Kerala. Run away from touristic beaches to small local villages. A word of warning though: Indian driving is crazy. Insanely crazy. You have to be very brave or very adventurous to enjoy it. In any case – it is one of the most interesting things to do in Kerala. And definitely an unforgettable one.

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    Really enjoyed reading about my motherland. Awesome article. I want to point out a mistake you made in point no. 5 . You spelled Theyyam as “thThere” , I don’t know if that is a font mess up or a mistake made by you.
    thank you so much. Visit Again.