Discover Caucasus: a glimpse of real Armenia

Olena Petrosyuk

Olena Petrosyuk

The road is bumpy, and I have difficulties concentrating on the book. It is hot. Like most locals we are travelling in one of those ramshackle vehicles called Lada - surviving legacy of the Soviet era. On the sideways people are selling fruits and vegetables. They come in astonishing variety: peaches, apricots, and apples, huge red tomatoes and gigantic watermelons. We’ve spent enough time in Armenia to know that you cannot be fooled by their appearance: under the thick layer of dust and dirt hide some of the most delicious fruits we have ever had.

discover armenia

Food in general is amazing – each and every restaurant visit always reminds more of a home-cooked feast. People are welcoming, and hospitable. They eagerly talk about their families, country, politics, history, relationships with Azerbaijan. They seem to have a stand on everything. They smile constantly. And in their eyes, their stories you get a short glimpse of real Armenia: poor but proud, stunning but undiscovered, and always – genuine.

  1. On our way to Yerevan.

Armenia travel: on our way to yerevan

  1. A rather typical Armenian picnic: young guys cooking meat – “shashlik” by the road.

Armenia travel: on our way to yerevan

  1. Typical Armenian meal – pilaf with raisins and apricots. Famous Armenian brandy is surely somewhere on the table.

Armenia travel: food

  1. Narek – fruit vendor near Shinuhayr village. 

Armenia travel: fruit sellers

  1. Armenian shop on the road to Karabakh. 

Armenia travel: local shop

  1. Yerevan at dawn – view from the Cascade. 

Armenia travel: Yerevan

  1. Nare selling ghata (sweet bread) at the gates of Geghard monastery. She has been doing this for years now – and her face is well-known now to the numerous tourists coming to visit.

Armenia travel: local seller


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  • Trdat Asryan

    this is amazing, but there’s just one little mistake – Armenia is not Caucasus 🙂

    • Lucy MIrzoyan

      Bruh, it’s in the caucasus region..