11 awesome nature spots of Caucasus

Olena Petrosyuk

Olena Petrosyuk

Armenia and Georgia are little known to tourists – but scenery alone should be the primary reason for your next visit here. Landscapes firmly remain countries’ most attractive sight. Stunning slopes of Caucasian mountains, majestic Ararat, infinite forests and fields, charming small towns hiding in green valleys and lonely monasteries solidly standing on the rock cliffs. Regardless of where and when you go – the beauty of the scenery will certainly leave you speechless.

11 awesome nature spots of Caucasus, georgia and armenia


  1. Picturesque vineyards near Khor Virap Monastery – a major Armenian sight and a popular place among tourists

Georgia and Armenia tour: wineyards

  1. Wheat fields near Karahunge, Armenian Stonehenge

Georgia and Armenia tour: wheat fields near Karahunge

  1. Surreal road to Tatev Monastery is one of the major attractions in the region

Georgia and Armenia tour: road to Tatev

  1. Colourful alleys of sunflowers at the foot of biblical mountain Ararat

Georgia and Armenia tour: Ararat

  1. Stunning landscapes around Garni temple not far from Erevan

Georgia and Armenia tour: Garni landscape

  1. View on Aragvi river from Ananuri fortress cannot be missed: emerald water and mountains around it create an incredible picture

Georgia and Armenia tour: Ananuri

  1. Fortress walls surrounding Georgian Signagi and Alazani wine valley

Georgia & Armenia tour: Signagi

  1. Trinity Monastery high up in Caucasus mountains takes a while to get to – but it is definitely worth the journey

Georgia & Armenia tour: Trinity monastery

  1. Mtskheta – one of the most oldest Georgian towns that used to inspire many writers and poets

Georgia & Armenia tour

  1. Majestic Kazbek peak 

Georgia & Armenia tour: Kazbek

  1. Stunning landscapes on the Georgian Military Road

Georgia and Armenia tour: Georgian Military Road

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