Top-10 best photography spots in Iran

Olena Petrosyuk

Olena Petrosyuk

Iran is a country of endless photo opportunities. Diversity of attractions, lack of tourists and open people always happy to pose for the camera make it a perfect photography destination. If you wonder how we took the photos for our blog – look no further. We reveal our top-10 photography spots and tips to get the perfect pictures from Iran.

Iran cities: top to visit


  1. Masuleh village.

Best for: stunning landscapes.

Tip: go off-season. The city looks magical in fog, and absence of tourists also gives a great chance to take some great shots of locals.

Iran cities: top to visit - Masuleh

  1. Traditional houses in Kashan.

Best for: interiors photography and panoramic city landscapes.

Tip: go late afternoon – beautiful window glass work means you will be able to photograph stunning colourful rays of light in the room. Don’t forget to ask to get to the rooftop: the view of evening Kashan is breathtaking.

Iran photos: 10  best photography spots - Kashan

  1. Abyaneh settlement.

Best for: portrait photography.

Tip: allocate at least few hours to wander around. People here are not many, especially in the more beautiful, older part of the town – but once spotted they make a great picture. Traditionally dressed old women in rose-patterned clothes against the background of red buildings provide an excellent photo opportunity.

Iran photos: 10  best photography spots - Abyaneh

  1. Esfahan center.

Best for: architectural shots. Imam Square is one of the most beautiful squares in the world, combining in one place mosques, palaces, bazaar and fountains. The buildings are beautiful at day time with exquisite blue mosaics ceilings, impressive facades and delicate artwork.

Tip: don’t forget to wander around bazaar – it gives a fair amount of great photo opportunities. For a truly great picture – come after the sunset. Long exposures at Imam Square make a truly magical shot: colorful passages and arcs, majestic domes and soft light of the fountains uniquely interlace to produce a unique, one-of-a-kind view.

Iran photos: 10  best photography spots - esfahan

  1. Tehran traffic.

Best for: city shots.

Tip: try not to get killed in the process. Traffic in Iran is incredible – colorful taxis, motorbikes and crowds of people all mixed up together provide an interesting few but can also be very quite dangerous and unpredictable.

iran photos: top-10 best spots

  1. US Den of Espionage.

Best for: unique anti-US graffiti.

Tip: come late afternoon when streets are the busiest – it will provide a chance to get the shots of people with walls as a background.

Iran photos: 10  best photography spots - tehran

  1. Tehran Grand Bazaar.

Best for: portrait photography.

Tip: no place is better fitted to take portrait shots as Grand Bazaar. 10 kilometers of corridors ensure plenty of beautiful photos. Don’t leave too early: staying after closing hours means a chance for unique pictures of vendors after work and an opportunity to see bazaar in a unique, unusual light.

Iran sights: top to see -bazaar

  1. Domes of bazaar in Tabriz.

Best for: architectural shots.

Tip: wander around domes and make your way to the one where carpets are sold. Rare sunrays and red colour of the carpets add a magical touch to the picture.

Iran sights: top to see -bazaar

  1. Kandovan village.

Best for: landscapes.

Tip: come in the morning to avoid crowds and get best shots of local Hobbitland. People here are among a rare few in Iran who are not very eager to pose for pictures – but stunning photos of local buildings will surely compensate for that.

Iran cities: top to visit - Kandovan

  1. Local celebrations.

Best for: portrait photography.

Tip: try to catch one of the unique Iranian celebrations. Most exotic: religious Ashura in November, when thousands of people in black are gathered to commemorate the death of Huseyn.

Iran photos holidays: Ashura

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