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Olena Petrosyuk

Olena Petrosyuk

Have you ever been to jungles? I did. Amazon ones. They were terrible. You know what they say. A person is happy twice – when he enters the jungle and when he leaves it. Well, India’s jungles turned out to be much more pleasant. At least the ones I have been to.

Travelling around India: WayanadThe early morning sunrays get through the greenery. Tall trees mixed with thin bamboo palms. We live in a tree house – and so my childish dream finally came true. Only this house is much larger than what I dreamed of. There is a tree growing though the bathroom. The rest of the house nests on tall metallic sticks. Understandable though – probably difficult to find a tree large enough to fit in 40-square meter space with two bathrooms, TV and a huge balcony.

India travel blog: Wayanad All around – coffee plantations. The hotel brochure says somewhere here you can see an elephant. Or maybe even a tiger. Truth is – none have been spotted for a while. We would know – we searched the jungles for hours to find one. We even climbed the highest peak in the middle of the forest. We stocked the hotel owner to share the secret places to see local wildwife. He smiled – and handed us an extensive catalog with 130 species of birds. “How about you just lay down by the pool and drink some coffee?” Lovely.

I have to admit though – coffee here indeed is great. Flavourful smell, and the best part – never-ending quantities. Sitting on a porch I drink my sixth cup. And for someone who has been drinking tea for the entire life – that is a damn good sign that coffee here is amazing.

India travel blog: Wayanad


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      Kerala. South India.