Crazy rickshaws

Olena Petrosyuk

Olena Petrosyuk

Once again I blame myself for my own greediness. Instead of getting a comfortable car I decided to save 5$ and drive to Allepey by rickshaw. By now it has been an hour already – and we still have not managed to leave Kochi. My chances to ever get out of this city were slowly but firmly fading.

“Hey, sorry – but we are really tired of waiting here. It has been 40 minutes”.

“Yeah, yeah. 5 more minutes”.

“That’s what you said 30 minutes ago”.

“Hm, that’s the problem dude.”

“But we need to be there before 9, you know?”.

“Yeah…That’s the problem dude.”

“Also – mosquitos are biting us…”

“Yeah, that’s the problem dude.”

India rickshaws: An experience of driving crazy rickshaws in India

The guy asked to stop for one second before we would leave. Guess what? We were stuck ever since. Apparently he felt the journey alone would not be fun enough. So he called a friend. Squeezing a tiny Indian next to him for the next hours understandably seemed more enjoyable.

His friend arrived more than an hour later. At the time when our faces angrily turned to permanent purple colour, the guys coolly got into the rickshaw. As we gained speed cold wind started to grimly get into our bones. The driver turned on a Bollywood soundtrack and now was happily pushing the car horn in rhythm of the music. His friend rolled a joint (the first in the line of 2 more to come). “You want?”

So here we are. Driving 50 km/ per hour in complete darkness. With a totally stoned driver murmuring some Bollywood tunes. On a questionable highway. In Indian traffic – where each and every bus passing by seems like the last thing you’ll see in your life. And surprisingly – being entirely happy about the whole situation.


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