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In summer 2014 we decided to change our lives. Swap daily routine for exciting adventures; Excel spreadsheets – for gigantic backpacks. With a huge dose of enthusiasm and tremendous ambitions we embarked on our biggest venture up to date – round the world journey.

Today – with much less money but still enormous ambitions – we continue to travel. Join wedding celebrations in Goa and explore black market in Tehran. Wander around Istanbul and try to sneak in Pakistan. We change city slums for luxurious hotels, exotic flights for unpredictable hitchhiking experiences, gourmet dinners – for free rice at the nearest mosque. All of our stuff got stolen in the middle of Athens. MacBook died when we spilled tea on it, Kindle got lost on Iranian bus, and each and every taxi driver has consistently tried to overcharge us. We manage to inexplicably get into trouble – and meet new amazing people along our way.

On WaveUP Travel we publish stories from our journey. Try to show you the exciting yet unexplored parts of the world. Give some tips that saved us bits of time, money and mental health. And hope that maybe – one day – we can help you to find your own big adventure.


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